Rectus Diastasis Research

Through evidence-based research, community engagement, and advocacy, AbdomiCARE will raise awareness for post-pregnancy rectus diastasis and support women with the condition through education, validation, and improved access to surgical care as needed.

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New Publication!

The results of the Interview Study have been published in the SAGE Journal, Women's Health!

To read more, check out the Rectus Diastasis Blog link below:

Rectus Diastasis Blog

What is rectus diastasis?

Most women’s abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy to make room for the growing baby. After pregnancy this separation should resolve. In some women the separation remains… this is rectus diastasisWe are a research group dedicated to knowing more about this condition.

About Us

AbdomiCARE is a not-for-profit research collaborative dedicated to producing and disseminating evidence-based findings about rectus diastasis (RD) and its associated health related quality of life outcomes. Using patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) research, we are interested in examining the patient’s lived experience of rectus diastasis and abdominoplasty, rather than focusing on the surgeon’s perspective. Based at Flinders University, the researchers behind this collective are aiming to:

·         Define the pathology of rectus diastasis, its associated risk factors, symptoms, and health related quality of life outcomes

·         Examine the health benefits of abdominoplasty with muscle repair (Tummy-tuck) as a treatment option

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Women estimated to be living with RD
Surgeons contributing to our research
Potential study participants
Planned diastasis measurements

Our Research Projects

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AbdomiCARE Surgeons

Meet the surgeons contributing to research on rectus diastasis. Each of these individuals is a qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has agreed to support our research projects by referring participants and performing abdominoplasty with muscle repair.

Dr Jake Lim is a fully qualified Australian Plastic Surgeon. After completing his training, Dr Lim visited centres in the UK and Europe to further his interest and knowledge in cosmetic surgery. Dr Lim specialises in facial plastic surgery, body contouring and cosmetic breast surgery.

Plastic Surgeon
Jake Lim Sydney

Alexandra is a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon who trained in both Australia and the United Kingdom. Her main specialities are in breast augmentation/reductions/lifts, body contouring surgery (following weight loss), hand surgery, cosmetic surgery, & skin cancer surgery.

Dr Alex Turner
Alexandra Turner Adelaide

Dr Tim is a certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon, past president of ASAPS and a Board member of ISAPS. He is currently Head of the Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Westmead Private Hospital. He focuses on cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body.

Dr Tim Papadopoulos
Tim Papadopoulos Sydney
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Rectus Diastasis Education

Measuring RD

How do we measure rectus diastasis? Who diagnoses it? What is the best method? How wide does the 'gap' need to be?

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Repairing RD

What are the different surgical techniques used to repair rectus diastasis? Which suture is best? What are the recurrence rates?

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Exercise and RD

What evidence is there for healing rectus diastasis with exercise? Is it worth sweating it out in the gym?

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If you have any questions or concerns about rectus diastasis please see your General Practitioner (GP)