First-time Mums

Recruitment is complete for this study

First time Mums

This study aims to follow first-time Mums from pregnancy until 1-year after birth to find out how often rectus diastasis occurs, what risk factors are associated with it, and if it impacts women’s quality of life. 

Who are we looking for?

Australian women over the age of 18

First time Mum’s who are in early pregnancy (<15 weeks gestation)

Women booked to have their baby at Flinders Medical Centre (SA)

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We have completed recruiting participants for this study, and are in the process of following them up. Thank you to all the women who have registered for this study!

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If you have had your baby and would like some information and support, please check out the resources via the link below:

Useful Resources
First Time Mums

Ethical approval for this study has been granted by the Southern Adelaide Clinical Human Research Ethics Committee (2021/HRE00275)

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